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Ghost Stories

Ghost stories have been popular as long as stories have been told. In today’s pop culture, ghost stories sell. Readers of haunted tales are DEVOTED!

Want to try your hand at a spooky mystery?

I’ll give you a hand by providing a list of ghost names–yes, there is a list and it contains male, female and unisex (???) names and meanings.


Casting Spells

Funny the things you discover inadvertently. I was double checking spelling for the piece yesterday. You know how you look at a word. You believe you have spelled it correctly, but it doesn’t look right. I had that happen with the word pregnancy.

I went to Yahoo and typed “spell pregnancy” into the search feature. The search returned a myriad of “pregnancy spells,” including a voodoo spell guaranteed to work.

It got me thinking: do you think there is a writing spell that is guaranteed to produce salable material? Hmmm. I’ll check it out and let you know.