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The Hunger Games, the Movie

A couple of days ago, I saw the movie. (I’m only three weeks later than everyone else.) It tapped into my mortification and my sinister. Mortification doesn’t write, but Sinister does. Time to get back to writing about the bad guy in my novel, now that I am inspired.


Message to Riatarded of “The Uninspired Chronicles”: Go to the movies to trigger creative thoughts. Pick something that your brain can associate with the part of the plot giving you trouble. I was dragging my feet surrounding the mind and action of my villain. Seeing The Hunger Games touched my psyche with samples of all kinds of evil. My brain made the connection. Now it’s off to the races for fingers galloping across the keyboard.

An Homage to The Hunger Games – Microfiction

Two A.M. The farm family is roused inside the remote cottage by the sounds of  running engines and the glare of headlights. Father, mother and three children fuse in the living room. A banging fist. The farmer turns the knob and a tsunami of soldiers flows in and around the family knot. Others move to the kitchen, the hall pantry, throwing open doors.

“The law says no more than seven days of food. I could arrest you for domestic terrorism.”

 The children, now crying, cling to their parents. Soldiers box up food and shuttle the boxes to waiting trucks.

“Farming is our livelihood. It’s what we’ve done for generations. What are we to eat?”

“The law says no more than seven days of food.” Soldiers exit. The food is gone. Silence, except for children’s sniffles. Father’s eyes are hollow. Children’s eyes are fearful. Mother’s eyes are knowing.

 Hidden away in the rafters, there are strings of jerky, dried beans, fruits and vegetables. Mother is both squirrel and ant. Her family will be fed.

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