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Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author

Excepted from “Top Ten Things I’ve Learned as an Indie Author” by R. S. Guthrie


I, Fay Moore, am an Indie Author. The easiest writing project I participated in was the Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe, An Anthology (e-book on Amazon & Barnes & Noble).

a. it’s success wasn’t all riding on me

b. its failure wasn’t all riding on me

c. the work was shared with others

d. I could write as little or as much as I wished (or as the group would allow)

The experience was like Nirvana–not based in reality.

Now I am working on my first murder mystery. Everything is riding on me!

So when I stumbled upon the “Molly Greene: Writer” blog with R. S. Guthrie’s article, I flew to it like a hummingbird to a bee balm patch. It was realistic information to help me adjust my expectations. Helpful? Yes!

Here is a partial excerpt:

4. You won’t succeed. Not at first. That’s a near absolute guarantee. It takes time, as do all good things. Patience in the book market is not a virtue, it’s a RAW NECESSITY.

3. You will question yourself again. Patience is tough. We are a society that needs instant gratification. Don’t. Need it, that is.

2. Sales do not equal success. Watched pots never boil. (Actually, they do, but by the time it happens you’ve already driven yourself insane and you’ll never know it.) Don’t watch your sales and rankings obsessively. Your success is not measured in such ways, no more than the worth of a castle is measured by the number of bricks you hold in your hand at one time.

1. You will succeed. You must believe in yourself, and that you’ll succeed; believe despite all other scary facts, poor advice, failures, faux successes, more failures, naysayers, friends who disappoint, talentless writers who miraculously succeed—focus on yourself and your own journey. If you have talent, and you work hard, and most importantly you persevere, you will succeed. No one knows when, least of all you.

Just do the work. Write, and write well.

About Rob Guthrie: R. S. Guthrie has been writing fiction for several years. Black Beast is the first in the series of Clan of MacAulay books featuring Denver detective Bobby Mac. L O S T is the second book in the popular Paranormal Mystery-Detective series and Guthrie is writing a third book that will close out the Clan of MacAulay trilogy (though it is not the final Detective Bobby Mac book).

The author finished his magnum opus—a Mystery/Thriller novel set against the backdrop of the contemporary West, entitled Dark Prairies. The story takes place in a fictional town in his home state of Wyoming and was published in 2012. A prerelease excerpt was featured in the June 2011 issue of New West magazine.

R.S. Guthrie currently lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife, Amy, three Australian Shepherds, and a Chihuahua who thinks she is a forty-pound Aussie. It is a widely known fact that the canines rule the Guthrie household.