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And the plot thickens. . .

A news story appeared on May 23 on Yahoo’s The Lookout. Reporter Pueng Vongs wrote:

Jason Blackburn, 35, of Memphis was cleaning a stone walkway when he discovered 13 tombstones from a historic military cemetery buried about three inches deep, reports The Commercial Appeal. He first thought he had found a garden stone but then saw the inscriptions.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh my goodness, I hope there’s not dead bodies in my backyard,'” said Blackburn, who bought the house about a year ago, in the report.

Whodunnit? Who thinks it was the butler in the pantry with a candlestick?

The truth is the house was owned by a former cemetery worker. Whenever a headstone contained an error and was replaced by the maker, the worker took the flawed stone home. There were no bodies found in the backyard.

Kinky–but free–way to build a walkway. File that item away under the file name “Weird But Explainable.” Novel fodder.