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3,000 Words for the Week

Okay. I confess. I goofed off this week by taking a couple of day trips.  I am calling the trips research. I have met some cool characters out in the desert. You KNOW they will show up in future stories. And I am learning about the land itself, for setting the story. See? Research!

Even goofing off, I pounded out 3,000 words this week.

However, the most important work I did during the past five days was to go through the manuscript chapter by chapter and write a brief summary of each chapter. Doing so reminded me of loose ends that needed tying, characters that were introduced after which nothing more was said about them, and redundancies in storytelling: all things needing fixed.

Turns out the character I introduced early in the book, and promptly forgot, will be pivotal to the solving the mystery.

So far, I am on track. I am still thinking this writing getaway was a great idea.


3 Days of Writing and 2,800 Words

It’s Day 3 of the writing getaway. I am realizing this was a great idea. My production dropped a bit on Day 3. I think it’s because the writing I did  was mostly dialogue. It’s slower going when I write dialogue. It takes up more page space, but yields less words.

Outside the window of the room where I am working there is an abundance of air traffic today: black unmarked helicopters, small planes, commercial jet aircraft, brightly painted helicopters. It’s noisy, so I am declaring my writing done for the day.

Holing Up to Write

Ok. I am making a pledge here. I want to feel compelled to do what I promise. I am taking six weeks to check out of my day-to-day life in order to hole up in solitude and FINISH MY NOVEL.

(No excuses, Moore. You are on the hook now, so finish the book already.)

I will check in regularly to let you know how I’m doing. Hold me accountable. If I start floundering, kindly pull out your riding crop and, well, you know. It’s time to complete novel number one, so that I can start novel number two.

Step 1. Get the suitcase out of attic storage

Step 2. Pack clothes, computers, cell phone, checkbook, arm sling

Step 3. Get to the airport early

Step 4. Settle in and start writing