Quote from Television Character House

One of the TV shows I enjoy watching is “House,” the drama about a drug addicted, dysfunctional physician with a brilliant diagnostic talent. House is a bad boy. He’s a genius that has a hard time making or being a friend. He has a biting sarcasm and a frustrated libido. Sound like someone you might like?

Frankly, I haven’t analyzed House’s appeal to me, but I get a kick out of watching what he will say or do next. (I admit I prefer the older episodes where his character is out of control and has the star-crossed hots for his female boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy.) The following quote is an exchange between House and his friend, Dr. James Wilson:

“Are you happy?

“No, but I’m right.”

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  1. Although the acting was brilliant, I had to give up on this show, because the medical inaccuracies drove me nuts. In no hospital does one doctor alone do general medicine, pediatrics, radiology, pathology, and surgery. No matter how brilliant Dr. House is, I don’t want him doing surgery on me, since internal medicine is his specialty, not surgery! 🙂

    • Carrie, something on your site is tripping the virus blocker on my computer. I have tried any number of ways to get to you, but can’t. BTW, I read wonderful reviews about your book from readers. Lovely!!! How are your sales going?

      • Well that’s weird. I wonder what’s up with that. I hope others aren’t having a problem with my site. I did switch themes recently.

        Thanks for the comment about my reviews. I’m not sure about sales–won’t see my first official royalty check until February. But at this point, the positive reviews are what really please me. 🙂

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